What Would “HQ2” Mean for You?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a higher net worth any other person in the world, but cities across the country are still racing to offer Amazon billions in tax breaks. Here in Philadelphia, officials have released a heavily redacted version of our city’s first Amazon HQ2 bid, and the second bid is a total secret.

Without a transparent bid process, the Philadelphians who would be impacted most by an Amazon headquarters have been shut out of the conversation. 

On April 11th, we hosted a town hall to hear from folks from across the city about how an Amazon HQ2 would affect them! We also heard from activist research from Philly Power Research, who dug into the forces behind the Philly Amazon Bid, and took a closer look at Amazon’s footprint in Philadelphia.

Click here to read the full report from Philly Power Research!

As Amazon continues to review second-round bids, it’s more important than ever for Philadelphians to call out Amazon’s dirtiest secrets. You can click here to read more about what we want from Amazon, or click here to demand that Amazon stop doing business with white supremacists.