Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Here in Philly, mega-nonprofits like U. Penn and Jefferson make billions a year, use city services, take up tremendous amounts of valuable land--yet they pay almost nothing in the property taxes that fund our our schools and city services like firefighting and street repair.

By reinstating a PILOT (payments in lieu of taxes) program like the one then-Mayor Rendell ran in the 1990's, Mayor Kenney could raise $38 million for public schools and services.

Our schools are in dire straits, and need this funding more than ever.

The mayor will deliver his budget plan for 2017 in March, and it's critical that PILOTs be part of that plan. Every year with out PILOTs is a year we give up $38 million that could be going directly into Philly classrooms.

Join us in asking Mayor Kenney to commit to #ReinstatePILOTs by 2017!

posted by gwen at 11:12pm