Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On Wednesday, April 14th, at 3:00 pm, Jobs with Justice, Philly Coalition of Labor Union Women, and SLAP @ Penn will be joining Fight for 15’s national day of action. We'll join community members, fast food workers, clergy, and working families standing together to demand that fast food franchises pay their employees enough to live--at least $15 an hour.

McDonald’s is already feeling the pressure. Earlier this month, they tried to undermine the national day of action by enacting a slight, stingy pay raise--nowhere close to what these workers need. Let's keep the fight hot and let these fast food corporations know that their workers deserve a living wage, not pocket change!

We need you out there with us! Here's how to join:

• At 3 pm, we’ll rally at the McDonald’s at 40th and Walnut, one of the busiest McDonald's franchises in the city.
• At 4 pm, we’ll start marching down Walnut towards the citywide convergence site at 30th & Market.
• If you can’t make it at 3 pm, you can still make the citywide convergence at 30th and Market; it's set to begin at 4:30 pm.

Can we count on you to be there? RSVP on Facebook today!

posted by gwen at 1:17am