a straight tapering root growing vertically downward and forming the center from which subsidiary rootlets spring.

"Radical simply means 'grasping things at the root.'"- Angela Davis

At Jobs with Justice, we believe that all successful social justice organizing and personal development must spring from our values--our roots. The Taproot Training focuses on the importance of forming relationships based our root values, and provides a broad array of strategies to move together in relationship and create change.

About the Training

Carefully honed and develped by and through the national Jobs with Justice network, this training program provides leaders with insight into value-based organizing's key concepts and skills. Community organizing principles, as first articulated by Saul Alinsky in Cihcago, encouraged leaders to act together to create powerful organizations and win on issues they care about.

The training incudes several sessions including such topics as: building relationships, understanding power, the meaning and understanding of self-interest, issues and actions, and creating winnable campaigns.

These sessions will develop and prepare new leaders to engage the issues they care about, and that impact their lives and their communities as leaders in Jobs with Justice.

Jobs with Justice has partnered with experienced trainers from throughout the country in the development of this training. This training will help build a stronger, more powerful movement for Jobs with Justice in Philadelphia.

Application Process

Each class has space for 20-30 grassroots leaders. Class will be selected to ensure a balanced class of leaders throughout the base of Philadelphia Jobs with Justice.

The 2013 application is available at the bottom of this page. *Application deadline: Tuesday, September 10

2013 Training Schedule

Date: September 20th, 21st, and 22nd 
Location: AFSCME District Council 47, 1606 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

Friday training day: 9 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday training day: 9 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday, training day: 9 am to 2:00 pm

All meals will be provided on Friday and Saturday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Sunday.

Breakfast begins at 8 am each day and will be provided at the training site. Lunch and dinner will also be served at the training site each day. We want to encourage participants and trainers to stay for dinner and plan outings for afterwards.

This training and your success within it depends on your full participation. Please be on time and plan to attend the entire training.

Please use the application form to RSVP as to whether you intend to take part in the Friday and/or Saturday dinners.

Fees and Cancellation Policy

We suggest a donation of $200 per participant. We request this donation in order to cover the expenses of meals, staff time, and space provision. Limited financial aid is available on a needs basis.

Philadelphia Jobs with Justice is also able to provide a limited number of scholarships. Please contact Gwen Snyder (director@phillyjwj.org) for more information about scholarships or financial assistance towards training participation.

We ask that participants give 14 day notification if cancellation is necessary.