Nine days ago, the Corbett-controlled School Reform Commission sunk to a new low. In a surprise blow to students, teachers, parents, and community activists, they unilaterally declared the contract of PFT 3 (Philly's teacher union) canceled, leaving our schools vulnerable to even more dangerous cuts.

When the SRC meets next Thursday, thousands of us will be at their door for the "Turn Up for Truth Rally,"calling out Corbett and his SRC cronies and letting them know that this callous move cannot stand.

The forces behind this move know that no real Philadelphian would approve of this transparent stunt. So they've paid a guerrilla marketing firm to hire mercenary "counter-protesters" (see ad to right, courtesy of at $40 to $120 a pop.

We can't let passers-by and the media think these people are for real. So Philly JwJ will be there at the rally, holding a counter counter-protest. We'll be birddogging the "faux-testers" with identifying signs so no one mistakes them for anything more than hired actors.

Philadelphia Jobs with Justice Counter-Counter-Protest
Thursday, October 16
4 pm, 440 N. Broad Street
(@ PFT "Turn Up For Truth" Rally, 440 Broad Street)

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Hope to see you there. Philly schools need our help now more than ever.

P.S.: We're making signs now, but if you have the time, we could use your help! Bring posters with or shaped like arrows. (Make sure the language identifies the person as "hired counter-protestor"--we don't want anyone to get confused and think we're calling our allies fake.)