The fight for paid sick days continues, and we're out there on the front lines. Tomorrow, we're asking folks to stand there with us at City Hall.

Back in 2011, we and other coalition members fought for and won a major victory--City Council passed the paid sick days bill. But despite 78% approval ratings from Philadelphians, Mayor "1%" Nutter vetoed paid sick days--and had the nerve to hold the press conference announcing the veto at the Chamber of Commerce.

Tomorrow, Councilman Greenlee will be reintroducing the Philadelphia paid sick days bill--and this time, we're determined to win with a veto-proof majority. But with Comcast lobbyists fighting hard to shut this down, we're going to need to push even harder than we did in 2011.


Let's show Mayor Nutter and big business that we mean business. Join us:

Support Paid Sick Days Now!

Thursday, January 23, 10:30 am

Council Chambers in City Hall


Let's win this. 

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