Don't forget--tomorrow's the big day!

May 30th, 2013, 5:30 pm
1319 Locust Street
open bar, light fare
Come join us as we celebrate leaders that made a difference in our workplaces and communities this year: Barbara Rahke, who spends her days fighting employers who try to cut corners that could cut workers' lives tragically short. Kahim Boles, who has spent decades with one foot in labor and the other in anti-poverty work, teaching folks that community and labor justice issues go hand in hand. Daniel Denvir, one of the most extraordinary reporters in Philadelphia, who has spent his career reporting on the excesses and corruption of big business and covering important social justice campaigns and stories.
Let's celebrate our allies and their audacity: IATSE Local 8, for striking to spotlight the hypocrisy of a theater company that tried to undermine its workers and their jobs even as it planned to profit from the launch of a biographical play about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. CWA Locals 13000 and 13500 for their long and ultimately successful battle with Verizon against slashed wages and benefits. And of course PCAPS, for their work uniting many of our community, labor, and education advocates in a historic fight that saved many much-needed public schools from closure.
Our communities and our workplace rights are under vicious attack, and our awardees didn't give up--they fought back, and they're still fighting. 
Workers are still under vicious attack, and right now it's more important than ever that we celebrate our victories. Will you plan to attend tomorrow, and help us out by buying a ticket today?
Many thanks to our event's Premier Sponsors, CWA 2-13 & CWA  13000, and our Diamond Sponsor, UAW Region 9!
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