We don't need to tell you that our city is in crisis. Our schools are broke. The city can't afford to plow all our streets. Budget cuts are still forcing fire station blackouts. Many of our public sector workers have been without a contract for years.

U. Penn LogoMeanwhile, one of my neighbors out in West Philly is thriving. The University of Pennsylvania has an endowment of $7.7 billion. Its president, Amy Gutman, makes over $2 million each year.

U. Penn owns 992 acres of prime real estate. It uses our firefighters, our police, our sewers and our streets… but doesn't have to pay property taxes. So we have a question:

U. Penn: Is It Paying Its Fair Share?
Community Forum
3 pm, Saturday, May 31st
Monumental Baptist Church @ 50th & Locust

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As you probably guessed, it's a bit of a leading question. of course U. Penn isn't paying its fair share. It's one of only two Ivies that refuse to make PILOT contributions-- voluntary payments to the city for public schools and services.

Well, we think it's time to pay up. For months, we've been researching other PILOT programs, organizing with allies, educating politicians, listening to local leaders, and building support for this campaign. PILOT payment campaigns have worked and brought in millions for schools and public services in other cities. We can win this. But we can't do it without you.

So please, make sure to save the date. Want to get more involved? We have a big summer planned, and need volunteers to pull it off! Email me at director@phillyjwj.org if you think you might be able to put in some time and help us make Philly a better place.